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Share Your Creativity With #ArtiSands

Farm Mini Kit (Slide 1) ArtiSands
Farm Mini Kit (Slide 2) ArtiSands
Farm Mini Kit (Slide 3) ArtiSands
Farm Mini Kit (Slide 4) ArtiSands
Bugs Mini Kit (Slide 1) ArtiSands
Bugs Mini Kit (Slide 2) ArtiSands
Bugs Mini Kit (Slide 3) ArtiSands
Bugs Mini Kit (Slide 4) ArtiSands
Original Kit Neon (Slide 1) ArtiSands
Party In A Box Vehicle (Slide 1) ArtiSands
Party In A Box Vehicle (Slide 2) ArtiSands
Party In A Box Vehicle (Slide 3) ArtiSands
Party In A Box Vehicle (Slide 4) ArtiSands
Party In A Box Fanstasy (Slide 1) ArtiSands
Party In A Box Fanstasy (Slide 2) ArtiSands
Fantasy Mini Kit (Slide 3) ArtiSands
Fantasy Mini Kit (Slide 4) ArtiSands
Dinosaur Mini Kit (Slide 1) ArtiSands
Dinosaur Mini Kit (Slide 2) ArtiSands
Dinosaur Mini Kit (Slide 3) ArtiSands
Dinosaur Mini Kit (Slide 4) ArtiSands
Xmas Mini Kit (Slide 1) ArtiSands
Xmas Mini Kit (Slide 2) ArtiSands
Xmas Mini Kit (Slide 3) ArtiSands
Xmas Mini Kit (Slide 4) ArtiSands
Flowers Mini Kit (Slide 1) ArtiSands
Flowers Mini Kit (Slide 2) ArtiSands
Flowers Mini Kit (Slide 3) ArtiSands
Flowers Mini Kit (Slide 4) ArtiSands
Party In A Box Geometric (Slide 5) ArtiSands
Geometric Mini Kit (Slide 1) ArtiSands
Geometric Mini Kit (Slide 2) ArtiSands
Geometric Mini Kit (Slide 3) ArtiSands
Geometric Mini Kit (Slide 4) ArtiSands
Monster Mini Kit (Slide 1) ArtiSands
Monster Mini Kit (Slide 2) ArtiSands
Monster Mini Kit (Slide 3) ArtiSands
Monster Mini Kit (Slide 4) ArtiSands
Nature Mini Kit (Slide 1) ArtiSands
Nature Mini Kit (Slide 2) ArtiSands
Nature Mini Kit (Slide 3) ArtiSands
Nature Mini Kit (Slide 4) ArtiSands
Pirate Mini Kit (Slide 1) ArtiSands
Pirate Mini Kit (Slide 2) ArtiSands
Pirate Mini Kit (Slide 3) ArtiSands
Pirate Mini Kit (Slide 4) ArtiSands
Masterpiece Collection (Slide 3) ArtiSands
Masterpiece Collection (Slide 4) ArtiSands

See What It’s All About #ArtiSands

See Why MOM'S LOVE #ArtiSands Sand Art!

ArtiSands sand art is fun for all ages and abilities! All of our kits come with colorfast, non-toxic sand in a beautiful array of colors and a wide variety of patterns.

Our basic geometric designs are simple enough for the beginner – but with a little creativity they can become extravagant designs!

The pre-cut patterns, called Sandesigns, work like a reverse sticker; simply peel off a section of the design, sprinkle on the sand, rub, and tap off excess. Simple as that!


We believe the studies that show creative play increases math, science, and emotional intelligence. All parts, pieces and packaging are 100% made in the USA and has been tested and certified to the newest CPSIA standards.

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